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Welcome to Castle Martial Arts training & life excellence in Sheffield Chesterfield & Rotherham.

Martial Arts Sheffield, Tuition leaders since 1989
Martial Arts Sheffield


Are you ready to take the first steps towards a life enhancing experience?

We'll turn you from Couch Potato to Hot Potato, from Fearful to Fearless, from Fat to Super Fit. You'll lose pounds of unwanted, unsightly fat and build solid, sleek, firm, lean muscle.

Your confidence will soar; as will your fitness!
You'll be stronger and safer!

You'll see an amazing difference as those unwanted pounds are replaced with a new, super slim, power packed YOU.

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Martial Arts Classes for Everyone

Here at Castle Martial Arts we are devoted to Martial Arts Training and Life Excellence.  Based in Sheffield, Chesterfield and Rotherham, our Martial Arts Schools deliver Combat Training at its best. 

Our site will explain why our Martial Arts Programme is the best for helping you get fit and fearless fast! Now it's your chance to get into the best shape of your life and feel unstoppable with our Martial Arts Training. You'll be filled with a whole new energy and motivation to achieve your goals; a whole new level of strength, health and confidence.

What our students are saying:

"I've lost so much weight without dieting at all" Stephen

"Castle Martial Arts has changed my life! I have made loads of new friends and my classes are the highlight of my week" Angela 

"My daughter had become more confident from her training at Castle and it has taught her manners and discipline" Mamuna

Martial Arts Benefits

Anyone, any age or ability will benefit so much from our Martial Arts Classes and you'll see why our schools are filled with people just like you; from doctors, teachers and sales man to housewives and students, to builders, administrators and their children.

You'll be amazed at how our Martial Arts Schools are helping people just like you to change their lives for the better all over Sheffield, Chesterfield and Rotherham when you join us too.

I know some of you must still have doubts about whether to enrol, sitting there thinking this is too good to be true, this can't be for I'm going to give you a painless way to let us prove it. To demonstrate how absolutely convinced I am that our Martial Arts Training is exactly what you are looking for, I'm offering you a FREE Trial Membership. No risk, no pressure and no cost.

We’re inviting you to step up to the challenge and fulfilment that will be yours with our Martial Arts Training - It's all here waiting for you now. Just fill in your details below and click the button to claim you FREE brochure and FREE Trial Membership!

Best wishes
James Sheehan
Senior Chief Instructor - Castle Martial Arts

Why Choose Castle Martial Arts?
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Here are some other reasons to choose our Martial Arts Schools:

  • Our Instructors are all Professionally Trained and Certified - So you know you're in safe hands!
  • They are also Black Belt Martial Arts Experts - So they know what they're doing, they are the best!
  • They are all Enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) Checked - So you know you and your child are free from risk
  • They are Fully Insured and Registered - Your safety is paramount
  • They Undergo over 300 hours of Instructor Training Every Year - So you know you are learning with true professionals
  • We are nice friendly people who want the best for you! - So you’ll be taught by true enthusiasts who love what they do!

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